Gomla incorporates unique work methodologies in project management from beginning to end, which contribute to rapid project completion.


In the initial project stage, the user defines his or her maximal aspirations and expectations of the future system. The model outline is developed on the basis of these maximal user expectations.


In the immediately following stage, the technical infrastructure of the project is developed, based on current constraints, yet taking into consideration the ideal expectations for the future.


This process develops over a period of 6 weeks. At the end of this stage, we proceed to stages of data enhancement, development of control processes, results analysis and assessment.


The model is continuously updated and upgraded until its final release, at every stage in the development process, and concurrently with the introduction of new data.


With an appreciation that "good" is the worst enemy of the "best," Gomla launches the system as quickly as possible, and continuously enhances the system as it proceeds.