Gomla develops advanced solutions for profitability and cost pricing tests, down to the smallest item.


Since its establishment in 1995, Gomla has focused on pricing and profitability models that drill down to the organizationa -molecular level. Gomla has performed  a broad range of projects for the country's major corporations with great success.


Amnon Marton, company founder, brings over 30 years of experience in analytical data management, development of smart pricing strategies, modeling and data mining.


Gomla's unique approach in developing solutions for pricing, budgeting and control, combines in-depth expertise in finance, economics and operations, a thorough understanding of systems from the perspective of the "smart" user, and  professional expertise in databases and data mining. Only such a combination of these three elements can provide a comprehensive solution to system needs.


The solutions that Gomla offers organizations that assimilate its TMR and its bottom-up pricing models – open new horizons for organizational operations and income generation.


TMR is an economic simulator implementing advanced managerial approaches in a broad range of business environments and client types. TMR methodology is based on the approach that says, "when you correctly identify the leverage point – you can move the world."


TMR is an economic pricing simulator that reliably reflects the organizational structure, including all its internal inter-connections. The simulation provides an X-ray picture of the organization that reveals weaknesses as they arise, and allows resolution of issues n a timely manner.